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Nutritional supplements are products intended to make up for a poor diet or to support your health in the same way that nutritious food can. Nutritional supplements should not be used in place of a balanced diet. If you're generally healthy and eat a varied diet, you probably don't need nutritional supplements. These are nutritional supplements meant to supply elements that could not otherwise be taken in sufficient amounts. Nutritional supplements are specified as any product designed to supplement the diet that contains one or more of the following dietary elements: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, multivitamins, or a dietary substance for use by a person to supplement the diet by increasing total food intake, or a concentration, metabolism, constituent, extract, or combination of any of the abovementioned ingredients.

Nutritional supplements are used for a variety of purposes. They can be added to the diet to promote general health and energy, weight gain, support the immune system, lower the risk of illness and age-related disorders, stimulate physical and mental performance, and speed up recovery from disease and illness. But unlike medications, which are subject to regulation, the majority of these products are classed as food. Nutritional supplements are usually in the form of powder, capsules, tablets, or liquid form.

The FDA has set manufacturing guidelines (GMPs) that firms must follow to help ensure the identification, purity, strength, and composition of their dietary supplements. These GMPs can limit the possibility of contamination or incorrect product packaging and labeling, as well as the possibility of adding the incorrect ingredient. The FDA conducts regular inspections of facilities that produce supplements. The items that pass these tests can display a seal of quality assurance, which certifies that they were produced correctly, contain the contents specified on the label, and are free of unsafe levels of pollutants. Several independent organizations provide quality testing.