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About Us

Aki Pharma is one of the most trusted generic drugs providers. We are well-known and most trusted suppliers in India. In fact, medicines of all-cause are available at our online pharmacy. We're just one click away for our customers. We enjoy being among the top companies across the country. Aki Pharma is already making a strong presence in other generic medicines. We are making good brand name with supply of, good quality services and genuine products.

We also provide drop shipping service with quality generic medicines to our consumers in over 100 countries, and territories, mostly all around the world. Our products are available worldwide and also, we provide all type of generic medicines which are required by our customers and which is also highly in demand by our clients. We also fulfill the special requirements of our customers.


Our Aim

We are a company that specializes in pharmaceutical products. Our company is one of the leading suppliers of branded and generic medicines worldwide. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Our Client Relationship

We represent a healthy relationship with our clients. We have gained a great reputation in local markets which has now spread across the global market. We are reaching a great milestone every year and trying to give our best to our customers with quality services.

We are Trusted and Reliable

The trust and reliability in the field of generic pharmaceutical formulations supply are the results of our untiring efforts and magnificent customer support. We are committed to improving human lives with our products and services. We take our responsibilities seriously, won't share your details with anyone else, and won't send you any unsolicited mail or email.

Why You Should Choose Aki Pharma?

As a company based in India, we have always been at the forefront of medicine sales. As a result, we can provide you with quality generic drugs at the best prices. We understand the need for high-quality drugs at affordable rates and this is the reason, we are committed to fulfilling this demand with our quality products.

We Provide the Best Quality

Products we supply are in compliance with global standards and which is globally approved and acceptable. Also, Aki Pharma follows the standards in manufacturing which are given by FDA Approved facilities. We understand the need for high-quality drugs at affordable rates and this is the reason, we are committed to fulfilling this demand with our quality products.

On-time Delivery Guarantee

We ensure to provide "on-time delivery" even if it is a bulk order. You Can Contact Us For More Details About Delivery Timing.

Drop Shipping

Dropshipping service is also available at Akipharma. We are associated with a few of the most renowned pharmaceutical companies. We provide drop shipping service to our consumers in over 10 countries. We are also ready to work on COD Basis with genuine companies interested in fast growth.

24x7 Customer Support

We love to hear from you and provide you with quality service from our end. We look forward to your positive reply to start a healthy and transparent business relationship that will last long in the coming years. We are available for you, 24x7.