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Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate intra-muscularinjection is used to treat low level or no testosterone in men. In men, testosterone is the key factor in growth and development of genital organs. It also helps inducing normal sexual behavior and power in men. Testosterone belongs to androgens, a class of drugs and its external supplements helps curing several sex issues in men including delayed puberty, low sex drive, etc.

The intra-muscular injections are preferably given into the muscles of buttocks. Generally, testosterone propionate IM is advised for 1-4 weeks depending upon the requirement of the drug in your body. As the drug is strictly for intra-muscular usage, injecting into a vein will cause fatal conditions. The dosage of testosterone depends on the blood levels, medical conditions, physical endurance and response to the treatment.

If you are taking this injection at home, you must be trained from a registered medical practitioner. Before using the vial, check out for any particles. The fluid should be clear in order to avoid fatal side effects. Also, learn from the label how to store and discard the drug.

The drug of testosterone should not be stopped abruptly. If you have been using it quite regularly, it is advisable to take concern of a medical practitioner to stop it. The withdrawal symptoms are likely to be witnessed and thus, it is important to learn the way to stop IM injections. On the other hand, increasing the dosage can also cause several side effects and thus, it is again advisable to contact a registered medical practitioner.

Side Effects of testosterone propionate includes

  •          Nausea, vomiting, and headache
  •          Skin color change
  •          Increased/decreased sexual interest
  •          Hair loss, acne

Serious allergic reaction is quite rare, but if you find them, contact your doctor.

  •          Severe rashes on the skin
  •          Severe itching on the skin
  •          Swelling of face/tongue/throat
  •          Severe dizziness
  •          Trouble in breathing or swallowing 


Before using testosterone propionate IM, you should check several things including allergy, current medications, present illness, etc. Contact your medical practitioner before getting the dosage. If you are allergic to sesame oil, you are likely to be allergic to testosterone as well.

If you are on medications, check with your healthcare provider as the current medications may interact with testosterone. Medical history of breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc. it should be taken with caution.


Testosterone propionate IM interacts with herbal drugs, over the counter drugs andother regular medicines. Keep a list of such drugs and their interactions with testosterone.  Blood thinners (such as warfarin) are known for its interaction.