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Salbutamol tablets contain the active ingredient salbutamol, which is a bronchodilator. It is used to relieve the symptoms of Bronchospasms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, breathing difficulties, coughing, etc. It makes it easier to breathe. Salbutamol opens the breathing channels in your lungs when your chest is tight or you are coughing.

Salbutamol medicine is often called a 'reliever' as it gives fast relief from your chest symptoms. The medicines that prevent wheezing or chest tightness are called 'preventers' and must be used every day. Your doctor may tell you to use a 'preventer' in addition to your Salbutamol tablets. 

Salbutamol ingredient medication is available in various forms like tablets, inhalers, sprays, and nebulizers. These tablets contain 4mg dosages. Take salbutamol 4mg tablets as prescribed by the doctor. 

The mild side effects of Salbutamol tablets include headache, Nausea, shaky or tense feeling, irregular or fast heartbeat, warm feeling, or flushing.