Zudena 100mg

Product Code: AKI-UF-101

Product Description

Zudena tablet contains the active ingredient Udenafil It is a member of the PDE5 inhibitors family. Zudena 100mg pill is used to deal with Erectile Dysfunction. It works by relaxing the blood arteries, enabling blood to flow into the genitals when stimulated. 

Udenafil 100mg is the active ingredient in Zudena pills. Zudena 100mg pills should be taken 45 minutes to an hour before your scheduled activity. A feature of this medication is that the pill is supposed to stay active in the blood plasma for around 24 hours. Zudena features a minimal action plan yet delivers excellent and guaranteed results in a predetermined period.

Zudena 100mg tablets are available in box packaging that contains a strip of 4 tablets. Some of the common side effects that may cause by zudena 100mg tablets include headache, vomiting, blurred vision, stomach pain, and many more which may disappear after some time.


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