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Vilitra Tablets

Vilitra is a generic brand of Vardenafil, which is just utilized by the men to cure the erectile Malfunction. Vilitra is the most secure and helpful medication used to cure the erectile malfunction issue in men. Erectile dysfunction in men cannot erect the impotence. This type of problem calls as erectile dysfunction or impotence or physical dysfunction.

When this type of people facing problem like this, take this tablet and this tablet is improving blood flow into vein. This results in satisfactory erection. Vilitra tablets helps for improving blood flow into vein by mechanism action of this tablet and after that it decrease the blood flow and finally erection go back with his time.

Vilitra Tablets contain the active ingredient Vardenafil. Each tablet of Vilitra contains 20mg or 40mg and 60mg of vardenafil. Vilitra brand is sold in blister pack of 10 pills of each.

Vilitra Dosage:

This Tablet has various dosages like

• 20mg
• 40mg
• 60mg

The medicine does not provide protection against sexually transmitted disease or HIV infection. Therefore, the patient should take proper care and use alternate method for the prevention of such disease.